Certified Digital Ads Specialist

Ads are an efficient way to direct a stream of traffic to your website, blog, or business profile. While ads do increase traffic, it’s important to track your ROI/ROAS to understand if what you are spending is truly working.

What I can assist you with is designing and building out an ad funnel supported with conversion tracking. I can help you make important decisions based on your budget and target audience. 

Should you want regular support, myself & my team can assist you with continual ad monitoring and bidding management. This often provides a peace of mind for owners investing in ad spend + you will receive a report at the end of the month with ad results and key metrics.

Before you get to spending, I always recommend defining your consumer path & logic to meeting your ideal customer through running the ad. Ads work best over time and with continual optimization.


Campaign Build 2 Weeks

Weekly or Monthly Management Options

Ad Campaign Types

Google Search Ads

Google Display Ads

Gmail Ads

YouTube Ads


Banner Ads

Video Ads

Social Media Ads

Conversion Tracking

Lead Generation


30% of Ad Spend Budget

Ad spend is paid directly to the ad service.