Simple & Beautiful Web Design & Digital Monthly Strategie Creation for growing salons

I empower salon owners to use data-based strategies to scale their business with digital strategies and simple web design that make a splash.

Let's start by saying way-to-go!

You’ve achieved the success you may have once only dreamed of for your spa or salon. Your business is your pride and joy.

But your website and online strategy? It’s time to step up your game. Maybe you have no idea where to get started with your website – maybe you’re looking to reach new guests or stylists through SEO or running online ads.

Simply put…

It's about time your spot on the web reflects
the incredible business you have built.

Are you ready to have a website you're
excited for your clients to visit?

You've come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Aja

I create web strategies with simplistic beauty & user-focused brains - backed by data analytics.

Growing up, I worked in my mom’s resale shop while learning how to build computers with my dad. Today, nothing delights me more than utilizing digital tools & strategy to drive online traffic.

I’m a pro at taking the jumbled ideas in your head of what your beauty business SHOULD look like and creating them into a stunning, customer converting, optimized, data-collecting website.

We support salons to build websites & digital strategy with simplistic beauty & user-focused brains - backed by the power of data analytics.

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Step Up Your Salon’s Marketing

It’s time to start tracking the return & results of your marketing. Make your online systems work for you by creating measurable goals & strategy – backed with my support.

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