Selected Works

Digital strategy in action. Produce measurable results, customers and sales with a made for you online growth plan.

Content Writing

Reporting, Writing & Data Analysis. Oh my!

Lead Generation Campaigns

When you’re busy providing services & running your business, it can be easy to forget about new customer outreach. Build an online funnel that welcomes and connects with guests so you can keep doing what you do best.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Fine tune your advertising targeting by retargeting website visitors, competitor viewers and cart abandoners.

Digital Marketing Certification

Experienced journalist with digital background

Our business was founded on the campus of The Ohio State University, while owner & founder, Aja Miyamoto was studying Journalism.

Throughout her third year as a student, Miyamoto covered stories on student entrepreneurs and notable alumni of the university. This taught her the power of the press within promotion and business growth. Read her stories here. 

Naturally, she was soon lead to curating custom blogs and written content to boost online traffic and sales. 

During her final semester of studies, Aja spent six months reporting, writing and analyzing data about a very close to home topic, Women-owned businesses

Always be generating leads

For some businesses, having booking, reservations or a store on their website is more of a headache than actually helping the business. It’s still important to be expanding reach and bringing in new customers.

There is still opportunity to gain leads and data without managing an online system. 

In the case of one of our clients, the booking system was not a good fit and it just wasn’t the time to upgrade that system. Through curating a custom ad campaign directed to a landing page with strong call to actions, we were able to produce over 150 leads within  a 90-day period with a cost under $10 per lead. 

Never let potential customers forget

Salons, restaurants, e-commerce shops and any type of business utilizing an online communication system will benefit from getting to know how users are interacting.

For one client, within a two month time period, over 50% of add to cart actions were not being completed. 

By organizing customers into defined audiences, you can specifically target and remarket your business and services to them. Define competitor viewers, website users and new guests along the sales funnel to consistently show up for what they’re looking for.