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Our custom design websites offer flexibility and ease of use for both site users and you, the owner.

About Our Websites

Designing and implementing a website has become an increasingly complex task for businesses of all sizes. The growing amount of resources, platforms and competition on the digital market are used to charge high rates and confuse site owners.

Opanova looks to change the way businesses have control of their website. We use expertise in design and development to create web solutions that make the most sense for each individual owner. We work one on one with our customers to create websites that are easy to edit and each new website includes complimentary team training. 

Every website includes valuable resources and add ons to increase reach and return online.

Resources Included with Every New Site

Hosting &

1 year of hosting & maintenance included with every new site so there is nothing you have to worry about!


Every new website include complimentary training hours to teach you how to best manage and update your site.

Website Backups & Security

Monthly backups are saved in case of any emergency. Top notch website security to protect you and your information from spam, hacks and bots.


Site Analytics

We organize the data coming in from your website to understand current user behavior. We look for strengths of the current site and areas of improvement to further expand reach in both website traffic and sales.


Expanding the customer reach of your business through Search Engine Optimization is an organic way to boost website traffic and site conversions. By improving the rank of your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, your business is more likely to be found by potential customers.

Lead Generation

Landing pages are an excellent method of generating leads for your business. Often combined with an ad campaign, a specifically designed single page of your product or service is meant to turn page visitors into customers.

Website Packages


Ideal for independent professionals and portfolios with sites smaller than 6 pages.


Made in mind for startups and local businesses to implement online marketing strategies.


The all inclusive package for service based businesses and online shops to have everything they need to grow online.

Mobile & Tablet Responsive Sites

Each website is made compatible with all device and browser to limit technical error and boost search engine ranking. 

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Take action of your website problems and let us grow the online presence of your business. 

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