Let's start by saying way-to-go!

As a locally owned business, you’ve achieved the success that you may have once only dreamed of. Meeting monthly sales goals, booking consistent clients, expanding your team, offering new services and making a positive impact within your community (goals!). Your business is your pride and joy.

But your website and online strategy? It’s time to step up your game. Maybe you have no idea where to get started with your website or maybe you’re looking to reach new customers through SEO or running Google Ads. 

Simply put…

It's about time your mark on the web reflects the incredible business you have built.

Are you ready to have a website you're
excited for your clients to visit?

You've come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Aja

I create web strategies with simplistic beauty
& user-focused brains - backed by data analytics.

I'm a search engine specialist and WordPress website designer for small businesses.

Growing up, I worked in my mom’s family resale shore while learning how to build computers on the weekend with my dad. I got in-depth training on the power and impact of both local business and technology. Nothing gets me pumped like utilizing the tools we have today to create business efficiency and strategy.

I’m a pro at taking your jumbled ideas in your head of what your business SHOULD look like and creating them into a stunning, customer converting, optimized, data-collecting website.

How we can help you & your business

Website Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization

Google Ad Campaigns

Looking for monthly Web Management?

Work with a website partner on a consistent schedule to monitor website user behavior, track site sales goals, reach new audiences through search and ad campaigns. Harness the power of your website as an invaluable resource to growing your business!