About Us

Our Why

Growing up, I worked in my mom’s resale shop while learning how to build computers with my dad. Today, nothing delights me more than utilizing digital tools & strategy to drive online traffic.

I’m a pro at taking the jumbled ideas in your head of what your beauty business SHOULD look like and creating them into a stunning, customer converting, optimized, data-collecting website.

What started off as talents, developed into skills working with businesses I love. Building this company has allowed me to create a business out of undeniable passion – and the growth of the company has allowed me to share it with others.

The Meaning

The meaning behind Opanova:
Opa – Greek expression for the celebration of life
Nova– A star that suddenly increases its light output tremendously

Our Mission

To assist beauty professionals in growing a digital presence through design, development and strategy.


Meet the team at work behind the scenes!

Aja Miyamoto

Founder & Webmaster

From running a cash register at the age of 2 to building computers at the age of 6, I always knew I wanted a career that allowed me to build & create. I started this company in The Thompson Library at The Ohio State University.

My Perfect Day: Check off the to-do list early, yoga in the sunshine, a Starbucks run with no line, a blowout & a facial, a trip to TJ Maxx, a glass of red wine at the bar, dinner with the people I love & in bed early. 

Coffee Order: Iced Toffee Nut Latte

Pet-Peeves: When words & actions don’t match up, poor work ethic.

Favorite Place: Clear Sky Cafe on Clearwater Beach

Michelle Salisbury

SEO Specialist

I would consider this my second act. After raising 4 children and maintaining a small family business, I find myself using retail marketing techniques in a whole new way. The most important thing in business is remaining flexible.

My Perfect Day: Any day I get to spend with any of my Grandsons.

Coffee Order: Caramel Macchiato with coconut milk

Pet-Peeve: The passage of time

Favorite Place: Cochatopa Pass in Saguache, Colorado


Honorable mentions for those we pull in for their specializations & talented skills


Our business works in a combination of several fields. At our core, we act as your client to find areas of confusion and remedy them as your strategic partner to find solutions to successfully gain customers, keep existing clients, and find new ways to grow your business.

Digital Strategy

It can feel like taking on a second job when it comes to managing and planning your business's online strategy. Why not outsource it to a professional?

Web Design & Development

Building a new website can seem like an easy task - until you're in the weeds. Let us take care of the hard parts with our proven methods of WordPress & WooCommerce website design & development via Elementor.

Email & SMS Campaigns

Many companies are underutilizing the power of email and SMS marketing for both new and existing clientele. Let us help get you setup for success.


Also known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO are the strategic methods of content creation and website building to help your business rank top on Google and other top search engines.

Ad Campaigns

Online ad platforms are constantly changing. It's important to know where your budget it going, if your ads are gaining your revenue and if you're reaching your target audience. We offer ad campaign creation & management for Google & Social Media Ads.

Print Design

Whoever said print was dead? Print can be your segway to gaining reach and traffic to your business online. When created strategically, print could be your next big thing.

So, are you ready to get to work?