I'm Aja.

Not long ago, I was sitting at a desk job that I just didn’t feel passion for. I felt confused daily about the goal, the strategy and what my purpose was at the company. I craved freedom – the ability to take my business anywhere I went in life and the drive to guide my own career with a vision in mind.

Growing up, my parents were small business owners. In watching my parents businesses through the highs and lows and the growth of the digital economy, I saw a great need for businesses, professionals and services to market themselves on the web.

I attended the Ohio State University where I studied Journalism and developed Opanova, LLC in William Thompson Library in 2018. I strive to be a valuable resources for owners to work on growing digital solutions and websites. Today, I live in Clintonville, Ohio with my fiancé, Bryan. I enjoy fall weather, doing yoga and cooking. I am an advocate for women and minority entrepreneurs and have taken joy in sharing my family’s history with a Columbus treasure, The Kahiki

The meaning of Opanova:
Opa – Greek expression for the celebration of life
Nova– A star that suddenly increases its light output tremendously

Our Mission

To assist small businesses & professionals in growing a digital presence through design, development and strategy.

The crew


The teams behind the scenes that make dreams happen. We all do a bit of everything around here!


Misti J

Data Analyst

Misti graduated from OSU in 2018 where she studied business + sustainability. She is a detailed thinker and excellent at processes.


Miguel A

The Chef's Kiss

From design concepts to the finishing touches, Miguel is the type of creative that you feel confident to have on your project.

Michelle S

Administrative Support

As a previous small business owner, Michelle brings experience based lessons for managing and growing the business.

Caroline S

Get It Done Girl

Caroline is a driven gal and incredible visual artist. She understands how to navigate and overcome challenges.

Videos Change Reality

Audio & Video Productions

VCR has an eye for style and a thoughtful process for storytelling your brand or goal through audio and visual elements. 


Beachwood Creative

All Things Social

The Beachwood Creative team is incredibly creative, thoughtful and engaging for stunning images and growing your brand on social.