Monthly Marketing Service

Our Monthly Marketing Service is your best bet if you’re looking for consistency and growth with a partner for your company marketing goals. 

Your Marketing Partner

Great marketing that is genuinely effective, requires a great deal of love, care, attention, and commitment. It also requires communication and organization. 

With a Monthly Plan, you are hiring us as your outsourced marketing team. We become responsible for a set of consistent tasks within marketing your business and offer the expertise of a Website Designer, Web & API Developer, Email Designer, SEO & Digital Marketing specialist.

Monthly Service Plan Tiers

Both plan tiers include:

  • An Asana Marketing Board to organize our tasks and projects
  • A Marketing Slack channel for quick questions, tips & feedback
  • A set schedule of calendar meetings with you and your team
  • A team invested in building integrations with your online booking system or CRM to properly track and expand your marketing efforts

Tier 1: Nebula

$1,200, Monthly

8 Hours per month

This plan is perfect for the business looking to get consistency going in their marketing.

Ideal if you’re looking to focus on:

  • SEO
  • Online Ads
  • Email & SMS Campaigns
  • Website Updates

This plan looks like 2 hours a week, or a half day biweekly scheduled & mapped out 100% devoted to your business.

This package is a customizable set of 8 hours for your business each month, which typically includes a combination of:

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Written & Posted Blog(s) to your website
  • Quarterly SEO and Sales Funnel Audit
  • Local SEO Profile Management & Weekly Posts (Google MyBusiness, Yelp, Bing, Apple Maps, TripAdvisor)
  • Monthly Marketing Analytics Report
  • 1 Monthly Strategy & Marketing Coaching Call with Review & Recommendations


Any additional hours of time may be used on the below tasks, agreed upon between the client and Opanova at the start of each month.

  • Website Management & Maintenance
  • Special & Promotions
  • Email & SMS Funnel + Automation Builds
  • Creation & Management of Google and/or Facebook Ads
  • SEO Audit & Management

Tier 2: Supernova

$2,200, Monthly

16 Hours per month

This plan is perfect for the business looking to invest in marketing growth and position for long-term success.

Ideal if you’re looking to focus on:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • E-Commerce 
  • SEO
  • Online Ads
  • Email & SMS Campaigns
  • Website Expansion
  • Marketing Communication 

This looks like a half day every week, scheduled, mapped out & 100% devoted to your business.

This package includes everything in Tier 1, plus additional time that may be spent on the following:

  • Social Media Support, depending on the desired time devoted – this may look like topic & hashtag assistance or post creation, posts, & account management.
  • 1 Page on your website revamped each month
  • 2 Additional Weekly SEO Posts
  • E-Commerce & Gift Card Plan + Support
  • A Loom video in addition to 1-1 strategy call with a Client Experience Audit
  • Yearly on-site visit + Marketing presentation

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Your Questions

Onboarding can be a big task when it comes to marketing. We advise starting with Plan 1 to complete the necessary onboarding tasks and later upgrading to Plan 2 for growth opportunities.

If you have many tasks you’re looking to achieve quickly, go with Plan 2.

Plan 1 is all about building consistency in your marketing.

Plan 2 is about focusing on opportunities for growth and more challenging tasks that require a great deal of time investment.

Let’s chat about it during your discovery call!

You’ve come to the right place! You’re hiring our team as your outsourced marketing professionals. 

We are here to provide proven strategies, ideas, and processes into your business.

Your job is to teach us about your unique businesses and work with us to define success in your marketing (aka what’s really working). 

Absolutely. Many businesses do not have the proper set up when it comes to tracking conversions and return in their marketing.

Our goal is to define successful actions and give you a monthly report of the return of this service in your business.

**If you are a Phorest Salon – we set up conversion tracking to understand where, how and with whom your services are booked online. We can help you track where your bookings are coming from and what marketing channels are working for you.

Our Marketing Service Plans are based on time. If you are looking to build a new website, our Marketing Service Plan may be utilized with the understanding that this may impact onboarding timelines and the availability to complete other tasks.

Our Marketing Service Plans are based on time.

Often, with multiple locations that can mean more tasks at hand. However, you do not need an individual plan for each location. If there’s more time needed, Tier 2 may make more sense. Additional hours can be added on as necessary!

Yes, unused hours do roll over. 

In any business, there are more busy points of year. We have factored this into our two tiers time offerings. While some months we may spend double the time, others may not have as many necessary tasks. 

Additional hours may be purchased at a $100/hour rate depending on our schedule of availability. 

The fee does not include hosting, but you are eligible for a reduced hosting rate. 

While there is no minimum commitment to the Maintenance Plan, we do request a 30 day notice of any plan changes.

So, are you ready to get to work?